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The Why.

This is our second most popular workshop. Tactful and tactical conversations are crucial because they change business performance and people's lives. Just try running any company for a week without communication. Whether reviewing performance or inspiring development, being interviewed or promoting someone, negotiating a stakeholder meeting or successfully closing a sales call, preparation is everything.

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Tactful & Tactical


The Who.

Communication skills can always improve, whatever your role. This workshop benefits everyone because most of us are hired for our technical ability, rather than our socio-cultural strengths. The workshop is particularly powerful for managers and leaders as their words tend to carry more weight.


The What.

Think of every conversation you’ve ever had where you thought, “I totally should’ve said this!” or “I really wish I hadn’t said that”. Every conversation is made up of tactful and tactical turns where we try to persuade, influence or impress others to see - and perhaps agree with - our perspective(s). Sometimes we get it wrong because we didn’t know how to use tact successfully.



The How.

We share with participants the theories and models behind effective conversations. Whether you’re looking for one-to-one conversation practise or organisational culture change, we help by creating a safe space for experiments, situation-realistic simulations, reflective debates and planning strategies. These conversation workshops are an opportunity to experiment with and practise your crucial conversations in a safe space (no consequences) and get feedback from TACT’s communications experts on what works and why.

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