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The Why

Very few (if any) managers and leaders have professional qualifications on how to manage people effectively. It’s usually their technical excellence that got them to the position of leader, which is great if you’re only there to pass on your know-how, but humans are a lot more complicated than that.


We’re more complicated than chess, yet all leaders are expected to be grandmasters of people without ever having had proper lessons! That skills gap can lead to anxiety and stress, which then causes those great technical experts to leave their employer because it’s all become too much. That’s why interpersonal (soft skills) development for present and future leaders is essential for all organisational succession planning, individual job satisfaction and staff retention.

The Who.

This workshop is for people who deserve to have their skillset invested in so that, when the opportunity presents itself, they’re fully prepared to be the best leaders they can be.

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Tactful & Tactical Leadership


The What.

Tactful leadership is about knowing how to trust, behave and communicate with your team. However, before you can lead others effectively, you need to understand yourself and how your behaviours impact on others. Tactical leadership is understanding why your performance results happen, so that you can better plan your strategies and operations, which are connected to the culture you create and the values you live by.



The How.

We cover many areas of cognitive behavioural leadership, which can be done as a one-off workshop or as part of a modular development course that takes place over several months. We educate and upskill our participants on globally established models and theories of how to manage themselves while leading, motivating and inspiring others.

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