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The Why

With many of our Associates’ roots in performing arts, it’s no surprise that this is our most popular workshop. It also means our Associates know first-hand how to hold their audience's attention and imagination, so as to create that precious connection of make believe.

The Who.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to engage, motivate and inspire their audience, whether that’s one colleague or a million customers. It’s for those who wants to learn how to confidently create and perform highly engaging, motivating and inspiring speeches, presentations and stories so that their audience sees them as wonderfully confident, structured storytellers.

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Personal Impact,
Presenting &


The What.

This workshop focuses on your brand; what people say about you when you’ve left the room; the difference between you being a leader of loyal followers or being a solo adventurer. We develop your Art of Rhetoric (how to connect, impress and persuade your audience), whose principals have remained unchanged for over 2,500 years, when it was created by the Ancient Greeks to facilitate the dawn of democracy (no small feat!). It’s where you transform from presenter to storyteller.



The How.

We focus on the many ingredients that make up your personal brand (physical, mental, vocal, structural, etc.) Using theatrical techniques, exercises and games, we will open your mind, increase your tactical knowledge and boost your confidence exponentially. We create the fun of a rehearsal room where all ideas are met with trial and error. We embrace the courage to try. By getting you involved in both practising and receiving each other’s stories, we aim for to you feel how the rules of rhetoric and the simple structure of great storytelling can woo any audience.

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