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The Why.

It’s important to our values at TACT that people feel included, respected and have equal opportunities in this world. That drives our purpose to tactfully empower our clients with an intrinsic desire to create and sustain a constantly evolving culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Who.

For everyone, together. This workshop is the beginning of a journey, where cultural inertia transforms into momentous evolution or revolution. It’s important that cognitive, behavioural, physical, spiritual, and cultural diversities are encouraged to thrive, because then we challenge established perspectives and learn from each other, so that we can all develop together.

The What.

Only by recognising and challenging our deeply ingrained biases (to the point that they’re possibly unconscious) can we make conscious choices that benefit everyone and move us forward together.

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Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion.



The How.

EDI needs to be facilitated tactfully and positively; we don't preach; we don't lecture. With our participants, we create a psychologically safe space. Using the emotional power of theatre, videos and breakout groups, these fully interactive workshops provoke facilitated group conversations around what is and isn't covered by law and the science of unconscious bias, group dynamics and reflective practice. Through personal and group reflection, we encourage your conversations and debates to continue long after we’ve gone, so that you constantly challenge those unconscious biases and make new choices. Together.

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