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The Why.

The principals of evidence-based coaching are fundamental to everything TACT does and drives our ambition to provide an unequalled, top-quality service in our field.  Most organisations are so focussed on performance results, they don’t factor in any time for leaders to reflect and on what’s gone before. So, any process, procedural or behavioural changes made can often be knee-jerk reactions rather than well thought out and tested strategies.

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Executive &


The Who.

Essentially, coaching is ‘me time’ for any individual or team. It’s time to get away from the hustle-bustle of “just do it” thinking and into a safe space of “let’s expertly reflect on that a bit more” thinking because, if the same thinking that caused the problem were used to solve the problem, then arguably we would achieve the same result.


The What.

Coaching is a co-active partnership between coach and client. We facilitate a creative, psychologically safe space where new perspectives, reflection, ideas and plans can flourish. The topics for discussion are always led by the client. The coach is there to expertly support; not to advise or judge.


The How.

The coaching relationship either takes place on a one-to-one basis (executive coaching) or on a one-to-team basis (team coaching).  For team and systems coaching, we embrace and develop the pioneering work of Hackman, Wageman, Hawkins, Clutterbuck and Rosinski: We are accredited assessors and practitioners of their team development diagnostic tools of the Cultural Orientations Framework, The 6 Team Conditions® and Team Connect 360®, which allow us to accurately benchmark, measure and deliver palpable progress.

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