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Personal Impact, Presenting & Storytelling.

With many of our Associates’ roots in performing arts, it’s no surprise that this is our most popular workshop. It also means our Associates know first-hand how to hold their audience's attention and imagination, so as to create that precious connection of make believe.

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What We Do @ TACT.


Tactful and Tactical Conversation


This is our second most popular workshop. Think of every conversation you’ve ever had where you thought, “I totally should’ve said this!” or “I really wish I hadn’t said that”. Every conversation is made up of tactful and tactical turns where we try to persuade, influence or impress others


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

It’s important to our values at TACT that people feel included, respected and have equal opportunities in this world. That drives our purpose to tactfully empower our clients with an intrinsic desire to create and sustain a constantly evolving culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.


Executive and

Team Coaching & Training.

The principals of evidence-based coaching are fundamental to everything TACT does and drives our ambition to provide an unequalled, top-quality service in our field.

Most organisations are so focussed on performance results, they don’t factor in any time for leaders to reflect and on what’s gone before. So, any process, procedural or behavioural changes made can often be knee-jerk reactions rather than well thought out and tested strategies.


Tactical and Tactful

Leadership Development.

We cover many areas of cognitive behavioural leadership, which can be done as a one-off workshop or as part of a modular development course that takes place over several months.


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