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Give Yourself Permission®

The premise of our content delivery is Give Yourself Permission. Too many people never fulfil their potential because of the interference of that little big voice in our heads. It tells us to avoid risk: Don’t, it’s too hard! Don’t, you’ll look silly! Don’t, it’s not worth it.

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How we do
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COVID changed everything.

Before Covid19 pounced, around 90% of our business was done face-to-face so that participants could get personal, tailor-made, one-to-one time with our coaches and facilitators. We’d either work in the clients’ premises/offices or we’d hire hotel and conference spaces. Now everything has been forced online. Given TACT’s theatrical background, we’re a lot more used to knowing how to work within the frame of a TV or film screen. So, this ‘new world’ has worked really well for us.

The Hub. Our online, live, interactive learning space.

We call our virtual learning space The Hub. It’s a fully interactive, live, online workshop space. We design its feel and look for 21st century learners; the YouTube generation. While we’d love to go back to face-to-face experiential learning, all our workshops can now be done on this format, either individually (one-offs) or as part of a modular learning journey.


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