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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We would love for you to participate in our latest study, where we will be researching specific coaching techniques and how they affect goal attainment.

This research will form part of a Master of Science (MSc) dissertation project at Henley Business School, England.


​How do I enroll?


What's in it for me?

Coaching can offer you new perspectives regarding yourself, others and the future. It gives you time to explore the interconnectedness of your thoughts, behaviours and feelings. It can help you set and attain realistic goals for yourself.

How will the coaching session work?

It's a 60-minute one-to-one online conversation (Zoom, Skype, etc.) with an executive coach (certified by Henley Business School) who works in partnership with you, using techniques to support you in uncovering and exploring practical, realistic options to achieve your goal(s). Your coaching will be provided in the English language only.

Can I use the coaching session for anything?

To meet the focus of this research project, this coaching session will be to support anyone who wishes to explore ways of improving their work-related behavioural and oral (not written) communications and relationships.

Following the completion of your coaching session, we ask that you commit to putting the learning from it into practice as soon as is practically possible. For the purposes of the research, this will be within 14 days of completing your coaching session.

Do I get to choose my own coaching goal?

Yes, providing it's within the general context of exploring work-based relationships. Your particular goal, thought processes, ways of working with your coach, and your action plan to achieve your goal will ensure that your coaching journey is entirely unique to to you.

Why is the coaching free? What is the catch?

The research is part of an MSc qualification. With your help, the knowledge learned will further the coaching industry's understanding of which coaching techniques are evidentially effective. In return for the free coaching session, we ask you to give us your written consent to ethically collect anonymous data for the sole use of measuring any benefits you perceived from your coaching session. This means that we will never use or record your real name, the names of anyone living or dead that you mention in your coaching session, nor any information that can be used to specifically identify you or them.


What research data are you collecting and how will you collect it?

We are researching the human experience of receiving coaching and its effectiveness for the individual. With your permission, we will do that in four ways:

1. We ask you to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire, which will help both you and your coach prepare for the session.

2. We record the coaching session, which is then transcribed into a written document. That allows us to then analyse the coaching process.

3. Immediately after the coaching session, we ask you to complete anonymously a short online questionnaire.

4. Having put the learning from your coaching into practice (actioned your goal), we ask you to complete anonymously another short online questionnaire.

Are you following research ethics?

Yes, because this research will form part of a Master of Science (MSc) dissertation project at Henley Business School (University of Reading), prior to conducting our research we must satisfy them that we are operating to the ethical requirements of their Ethics Committee, which includes documents used for data collection (questionnaires) and participant consent forms. We may not ask questions that might reasonably be considered to be impertinent or likely to cause distress to any participant. The research must not involve risk to either the researcher and/or participants.

When will my coaching session be?

At a mutually convenient time.

Will there be follow-on coaching sessions?

No, however we will ask you to complete short follow-on questionnaires (as referenced above).

What if I can commit to the coaching session but not the follow-up questionnaires?

We cannot use the information obtained from the coaching session without the information provided by the completed follow-up questionnaires. If you know you cannot commit to providing the complete feedback, as detailed above, then we cannot accept your offer to participate.

What if I have the coaching session but then (for whatever reason) I am unable to put my coaching plan into action?

If you cannot complete your plan of action, we appreciate you sharing with us your reasons within the questionnaire we email to you. That information is really helpful to our research.

Under what circumstances should I not volunteer to participate?

Due to the specific nature of the research study, we cannot accept participants:

  • Who request from us coaching goals that fall outside the general aims to achieve better work-based relationships.

  • Who cannot reasonably expect to put the learning from their coaching session into practice within 14 days of the completion of that session.

  • Who have previously received training or coaching for similar themed goals.

  • Who are coaches or trainers.

  • Who are patients, clients or staff of the NHS or social services in the UK or equivalent health or social care system in another country.

  • Whose capacity to give free and informed consent may be impaired; this includes respondents under the age of 18.

  • Who is in a special relationship with the researcher or coach.

  • Who in the last 12 months received or is receiving therapy for something either work-related or generally related to the aforementioned goal.

Can I withdraw from the research at any stage?


How do I enroll?


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